Total Data Centre Solutions (TDCS) is a group of experienced data centre business professionals who work closely with customers, suppliers and industry leaders to provide agnostic solutions, efficient services and project expertise.

We wholeheartedly appreciate that every customer is unique and as such we leverage our collective knowledge and networks to meet and exceed the customers exacting requirements.

TDCS was formed in 2003 to assist with establishing a large co-location data centre in Ireland. Subsequently TDCS have worked on large co-location facilities in the UK, Scandanavia and Western Europe providing customer generation, sales support, DC design and build services, project management, lean and low risk operations, project and financial management and IT migration / consolidation. With our assistance, one company has expanded into one of the largest wholesale providers in the UK.

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  • We understand how to market and sell co-location space from Day 1 across European, Scandinavian and North American markets.
  • The partners have focused on the data centre market throughout their careers, and can offer 'end to end' services - covering all aspects from design and procurement (understanding TCO etc.) through efficient running to the exiting/disposal of legacy sites.
  • Our team has worked together on many highly successful projects over many years, and have delivered to a range of stakeholders, ensuring fast, clear and consistent communication throughout.
  • We have  a deep knowledge and understanding of all IT and M & E components that make up a data centre - and can provide informed advice on the lowest cost procurement routes, thereby reducing capital costs for new builds.
  • We can assist investors in the maximisation of the investment at the outset, and how to operate the facilities efficiently and cost effectively downstream.

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