The Server Dome

The Server Dome

TDCS have been appointed agents to market Server Dome in Europe and Nordics.

The Server Dome combines world class power efficiency with unmatched operational cost savings.

The high-efficiency, Tier 3+ data center nets an annualized PUE of 1.13.

The lights out, low maintenance facility does not require chillers, computer room a/c units, ductwork, heaters, humidifiers or exhaust fans. Instead, the geodesic dome provides a massive surface area for air intake around the lower perimeter of the dome and exhaust around the circumference of the cupola. It allows up to 750,000 cubic feet per minute of airflow at the velocity of a light breeze.

Due to high volume air flow, the Server Dome can accommodate densely packed equipment with an average of 25kW/rack of available power for all racks, and a peak power availability of 40 kW/rack.

The Server DomeWhen compared with industry average power efficiencies, the Data Dome running at full capacity may offset much of its construction costs in just a few years due to energy savings alone and will continue to deliver significant annual cost savings thereafter. Of course, this design can also accommodate reduced power density and tier defined redundancy without impacting inherent design integrity or performance.

The shape capitalizes on the physics of thermal buoyancy and air flow to naturally cool the building and keep the machines running at optimum temperatures. The few fans that the building does contain are connected to a sensor that can detect pressure differences and react to environmental changes. The sensors are so accurate that they can sense the pressure difference due to a person entering or leaving the the building, and make air flow adjustments.

Every design decision in the construction of a Server Dome, down to the color of paint, is chosen to increase the efficiency of the data center, creating a unique internal data ecosystem where each component on its own may not make a huge energy saving impact, but when integrated as a whole system, work to achieve a PUE as lows as 1.06 and when annualized is between 1.13 - 1.17.

The Dome

  • A 4 MW structure takes up only 25,000 ft2 (18,500 under the dome cover)
  • A dome is the most structurally and seismically stable design for resisting earthquakes and lightning strikes

The Server Dome