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Cut power bills by up to 10% and reduce carbon footprint with zero CapEx or OpEX

Total Data Centre Solutions (TDCS) have been appointed in the UK by Energy Optimisation  to introduce and market a brand new concept to both the data centre sector and to commercial and government organisations to reduce the cost of  their electricity bills by up to 10%, with Zero CapEx  and Zero OpEx.

We all know that electricity is one of the single largest elements of an Organisation’s annual OPEX and the prices continue to rise. So this Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is an opportunity that should not be overlooked.

The concept and the commercial offer are both refreshingly simple:

  1. The reduction in costly lithium ion battery prices has made it viable for our supplier, Energy Optimisation Solutions (EOS) to build and operate multi-Mega Watt Battery Systems with an autonomy of more than One Hour which are housed within a 40ft ISO containers.
  2. Multiple containers can be installed to match the building load.
  3. These Battery Systems are connected (behind a meter) to one of the incoming main switch panels and positioned in the optimum location (after agreement with both the Organisation’s Energy and Facilities Management and their advisors).
  4. Using these Battery Systems in clever ways results in significant cost savings.
  5. The savings are achieved in several ways, primarily through the battery supplying the energy to the site during peak times and recharging the battery during off peak.
  6. Expensive periods for importing power are avoided.
  7. Also avoided are a number standing charges that are embedded in all electricity bills and which comprise a large part of the overall cost of an electricity bill.

The BESS can also deliver Grid Services which are becoming increasingly important as Renewable Energy expands its share of the UK Generation market.

50% of the agreed savings are retained by BESS Host and the remaining balance goes to EOS to pay for building and owning the Battery System, financing, installation and maintenance costs.

Please be aware that this is a true Off Balance Sheet arrangement under IFRS16 Rules. This is so important to many not-for-profit Organisations.

To make the savings possible, a 10-year commitment is normally required, though shorter contract periods are possible. To make things stack up commercially, each Host Location should be using at least £250k worth of power per  year at each of the locations being considered.

The normal due diligence required to assess the attractiveness of a particular facility for this Battery System and then to offer a proposal, which shows the savings to Host Location, is relatively painless and requires only:

  • a copy of the Half Hour consumption profile of the facility for the previous year.
  • a copy of monthly electricity bills for the last 12 months (preferably a disaggregated bill).
  • a site visit to the Host Location to inspect the electrical layout of the facility to identify and agree the optimum location for the Battery System components and for the connection of the Battery System to your electrical system.

The EOS Battery System is proven technology which can now be used in a new application that can significantly reduce your  electricity costs with Zero CAPEX and Zero OPEX.

In addition, to our BESS, we can now offer Battery Energy Storage Systems with On-Site Generation in the form of CHP and/or Canopy Solar Generation and Electric Vehicle Charging Systems. These BESS solutions are now known as ‘BESS+’

These “BESS+” Solutions have turned EOS into a Swiss Army Knife of On-Site Power Solutions!

We would like to meet with you and anyone in your organisation that you think could benefit from these Solutions, so we can talk through this major opportunity in more detail and to answer all the technical and commercial questions which are important to you and your Organisation’s Management Team.

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