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Reducing ICT/data centre carbon footprint & power costs using infrastructure solutions & Nordic locations

Navigating Data Centre Development

Strategic Consultancy for Site Selection and Facility Optimization

Every aspect covered from sourcing land to building the data centre

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Land Identification & Definition of the Project Scope

We have built a network of technical advisors in Scandinavia and Brazil to service our engineering capabilities to integrate in-house skills to permit our projects. Preliminary land rights are being secured as a first step to determine the feasibility of the project before the application for the grid connection, permitting and local approvals.

Built Facility Selection

Access to a wide range of pre-existing building options for data center projects, reducing time and costs associated with new construction. Expert guidance in evaluating the power extension minimising disruptions and maximising uptime.

Renewable Energy

We identify and select land sites suitable for wind, and solar power projects leveraging geographic and environmental data to maximize energy yield. In addition, a curation of small hydropower plants is also added to our portfolio of renewables.


Some of our selected land and facilities for data centres, and renewable energy developments

Discover the Minds Behind Data Centre Development Excellence

Aline Olseth

Aline Olseth

Aline brings over a decade of experience in private aviation and five years as a marketing director at Bano Group AS, a Scandinavian multinational in the health sector. Her extensive networks, ranging from Private Equity Firms to Offices of Royal Families, have been crucial in her successful capital-raising efforts for projects, including aircraft acquisitions. Transitioning into the tech industry, Aline was attracted to its constant innovation and potential for groundbreaking advancements. In this fast-paced environment, she has enthusiastically contributed to the development of cutting-edge solutions for data centers and renewable energy, leveraging her dynamic nature. Aline plays a crucial role in selecting site locations and facilitating the development of data centers in the Nordics. She secures permissions for energy/data center projects through close engagement with Norwegian municipalities, ensuring successful launches. Her pre-development strategy streamlines the entry process for data center operators, emphasizing resident approval and transparent communication. Aline extends her expertise to Brazil, capitalizing on the region's data center market and developing renewable energy projects. Her negotiation skills and international business acumen attract investors and drive project success.

Jonathan Evans MA

Jonathan began his career in the 1980s designing computer rooms and has since become a seasoned expert in data center operations. With an Engineering Degree from Birmingham University, he possesses extensive experience in various industry facets. Jonathan has strong connections across the sector, including with press, TV, property agents like CBRE, JLL, and data center consultants. He excels in sales and marketing, particularly in establishing environmentally sustainable co-location data centers. His expertise covers mechanical and electrical systems, data center design, and green technology trends, with involvement in initiatives like the 'Open Compute Project'. Notable successes include contributions to the establishment of colocation data centers like Citadel 100 and Sentrum. He played a pivotal role in elevating the profile of Green Mountain Data Centre in Norway, facilitating its acquisition for €1.2 Billion. Jonathan has also made an international impact in Luxembourg, Sweden, and advises Node Pole, providing valuable insights to data center operators.

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