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Reducing ICT/data centre carbon footprint & power costs using infrastructure solutions & Nordic locations

Premium Facilities Available for Sale

Our data centre facilities for sale in Scandinavia are top-of-the-line, offering premium fatures and state-of-the-art technology to meet all your business needs.


Norway is at the forefront of renewable energy with plots available for a capacity of 130+ MW. Currently, one facility in West Oslo already boasts 40 MW of clean energy. Additionally, a facility in the North of Oslo has the potential to add another 30 MW to the grid, further solidifying Norway's commitment to sustainability.


Sweden is home to a unique opportunity for sustainable energy development. With one land plot available for a potential of 200 MW and one existing facility with a potential of 20 MW. This prime location offers the perfect setting for the constructions of new energy projects that will benefit the environment.


Finland is home to a cutting-edge industrial park spanning 86 hectares, offering a vast 245 MW of available energy. There is also a prime location in Helsinki that boasts the potential for a high-security bunker data centre, making it an ideal spot for businesses seeking top-tier infastructure.

A bright future

With these developments, Scandinavia is paving the way towards a greener future and setting a shining example of other countries to follow.

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