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Our Clients


LuxConnect appointed Total Data Centre Solutions (TDCS) to assist in raising the profile of their four Tier IV certified Data Centres in Luxembourg and to raise the profile of Luxembourg as a colocation destination.

TDCS was engaged in a range of activities and achieved the goal of raising LuxConnect’s profile through working with the Government, redesigning the web site and engaging with partners and agents. The marketing strategy was revised to offer Tier ll-lll as well as Tier lV.

TDCS activities for LuxConnect included:

Organised events in London and, at the Luxembourg London Embassy, working with the Luxembourg Ambassador to the UK.

  • Creating an Alliance with Volta in London.
  • Organising conference stands.
  • Generating enquiries for LuxConnect Partners.
  • Generating published articles from press releases.



Dr Fiona McNaughton with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel at London Embassy reception

Dr Fiona McNaughton with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel at London Embassy reception

Jonathan Evans and Prime Minister Xavier Bettel at LuxConnect reception, Luxembourg

Jonathan Evans and Prime Minister Xavier Bettel at LuxConnect reception, Luxembourg’

Tom Kettels, Chief Business Development Officer LuxConnect, said:  "I worked for several years with TDCS. TDCS provided professional and effective support to address new markets, generate business opportunities, develop new partnerships and complement and advise on marketing activities. TDCS’s deep knowledge of the industry and its key players is a valuable asset to LuxConnect."

Green Mountain

Total Data Centre Solutions (TDCS) was engaged by Green Mountain on a 3-year contract to assist in a variety of areas as Green Mountain was a start up in wholesale co-location in Norway.

Initially TDCS established Norway as a prospective Data Centre country. TDCS undertook all marketing including press releases, press tours, award entries and developing a website.

In addition TDCS organised a BBC documentary featuring Green Mountain. TDCS raised the profile/awareness with end users and property agents in EMEA and North America. It also sourced significant opportunities from North American and European clients.

Knut Molaug CEO Green Mountain says: "TDCS has worked closely with Green Mountain for over 3 years from just after Green Mountain's inception to where we are today, the largest co-location company in the Nordics. TDCS assisted very effectively in raising our profile in Europe and North America through a range of sales and marketing activities and generated several MW sales enquiries for us".

Green Mountain client


Green Mountain client


Anita Kennedy Global Sales and Alliances Director Green Mountain: "I’ve had the pleasure of working very closely with Jonathan Evans, over many years. Jonathan is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and, highly respected within the Global Data Centre Markets’ – He’s always looking for ‘new sales’ business opportunities and, is very determined to win the deal by being creative within the opportunity."


Sentrum Client


Total Data Center Solutions (TDCS) worked with the founder of Sentrum, Franek Sodzawinsky, prior to its formation and in the early years (2005 - 2007) of its development across a range of requirements including developing power solutions. Following this, TDCS was engaged to both assist in sales across international markets and to find possible partners in other regions (2011) prior to Sentrum's sale to Digital Realty Trust.

Sentrum Client: "TDCS liaised effectively with us throughout our engagement with Sentrum to ensure we had the technical solution we required".

Global Voice/Citadel 100

Global Voice Client

Total Data Centre Solutions (TDCS) provided Global Voice in Dublin with a consultancy service in designing and supervising the new M&E infrastructure including UPS/DC telco solution and backup power/power conditioning. This included design, tender documentation and contactor selection/supervision.

Noel Meaney CEO and founder of Global Voice says: "TDCS assisted in a broad range of activities from PR and Sales to technical design during the early years of Global Voice and we would thoroughly recommend their services"

Mercury Engineering

Mercury Engineering

Mercury are a large Dublin based M&E company operating in Europe and the Middle East. TDCS had sales assignment to extend their penetration into the data centre build (M&E element) in the UK.

Paul Carthy Sales and Marketing Manager said: "TDCS offered design and sales input and via their network ensured multi-million pound business was placed with Mercury repositioning us in the data centre market as main contractor providing turn key solutions from being an M&E contractor".

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce

TDCS advised on standby power solution (UPS and generators) for critical production line manufacturing turbines at Rolls Royce Derby. TDCS introduced a specialist to undertake the work and maintain on completion.

Gerald Beake Engineering Facilities Manager at Rolls Royce Derby says: "TDCS provided valuable assistance in the design and implementation of our critical standby power system that backs up the power supplies in the manufacturing facility where power failure is not an option".



TDCS provided standby power solutions and arranged office fit-out in Brick Lane, Interexion HQ in the UK. TDCS brought a team together to design a new standalone date centre of 40,000 sq ft.


Continent 8

Continent8 Client


US based company Mohawk Industries specialised in hosting online gambling organisations on an Indian reservation in Canada. Expanding into Europe, they chose the Isle of Man because of its regulatory structure. TDCS developed building and M&E designs for the new data centre. TDCS then brought together a specialist team for fit-out and standby power solution.

Richard Weinstock Technical Director: "TDCS provided assistance across design and implementation when we located in Isle of Man, working to very tight time scales TDCS ensured our data centre was built on time and budget".

BHP Design

BHP Client


BHP Design was set up by David Bloxham, an experienced architect who specialized in Data Centre Design. TDCS was appointed to assist in raising the profile of BHP and to find clients in the sector. TDCS successfully sourced many projects including Interxion in London and Continent 8. BHP is now a very successful practice with a reputation for designing high quality data centres across Europe and Scandinavia.

David Bloxham, founder and Managing Director of BHP says: "TDCS provided invaluable assistance in establishing BHP six years ago. Using their extensive industry network, TDCS were able to provide introductions and projects that helped establish BHP as the premier data centre design specialists we are today".

5 Nines

5 Nines Client



5 Nines were considering the option to upgrade an existing BP facility, in Breakspear Park, Hemel Hempstead, to a Tier III facility as well as upgrade the power density. TDCS provided design and construction costs to check the viability of the project.

Howard Phoeby Director at 5 Nines: "The information provided by TDCS in a very short time scale was essential in the evaluation process on this project".



In order to illustrate their technical capabilities and to act as a marketing ‘vehicle’, TDCS commissioned Jonathan Evans to design and build a unique electric narrowboat called ‘Nuera’.

Safety, low emissions and comfort were the main criteria and a radical new design was born. The boat is totally manoeuvrable as it is powered by 4 x 12 kW electric motors, in tubes placed within the hull, and has concealed propellers for safety and steering.

The boat is charged to a battery bank from a shore supply with a 12 hour range. An onboard 10kVA generator starts automatically to

recharge the battery bank and run domestic supplies. A UPS backs up critical equipment on the boat.

Because of its unique design, the construction of the boat had extensive media coverage (including in magazines) and was featured on several episodes of the TV series Waterways World. Nuera is now the property of TDCS and serves as the office in Parkes Quay.

READ "Nu Era on the canals – my new electric narrowboat!!"

Nuera Client

Nuera Client

Nuera Client